DIY Sphero Project

Hi All,

I`m looking to build a DIY Sphero project using the TinyDuino and a couple of micro DC Motors. To power it ill be using a 3.7V LiPo 140Mah battery I was thinking of charging it and bviously I dont want to be unhooking the battery every time I want to charge it.

So I was thinking of adding induction charging and I stumbled across THIS on ADAFruit. Obviously I need to restrict the voltage so as not to damage the battery, but can anyone advise as to whether this would be a viable option for charging?


That is to charge a 5V device (for example via the usb connector). Charging a Lipo battery is something special, that is why charging a Lipo battery is always done with a special chip.

Adafruit has Lipo chargers. This is one of them :

Whether you can combine both for inductive charging, I don't know. It think it should be possible. You better ask that in the forum of Adafruit.