DIY stripboard Arduino

I would appreciate it if anyone could cast and eye n this and comment. I and not sure around the reset, but have a mental block

It is based on Icecreamterror's blog but with an eaiser layout. thanks in advance

Personally I am a fan of strip boards, a hobby is to have as few cuttings as possible, or - alternatively - apply one cutting only over the whole board, easily accomplished with a rasp :slight_smile:

So far I notice no wrong or missing connections. everything is nicely and efficiently laid out.

Row 6 should be labelled GND, as you have a connector there.
One suggestion: Give the LED at Pin 13 a jumper so you can switch it out when using that pin for a different purpose…

You could also provide a port for a low cost USB/TTL converter to easily plug in.
I am aware of three of them, their main issue beeing that they all have a different pin lay-out ;D

The extremely cheap chinese version (6 USD including shipping, CP2102) has:
(3V3) RST TXD RXD GND 5V (all male)
Note that RST already incorporates a differentiating capacitor!

The SparkFun version (twice that much, FT232) has:
GND CTS 5V TXO RXI DTR (all female)


Optional wires to a 6 pin ISP port will also be fine. By “optional” I mean that you need not provide them, but leave space and recomment a wiring.

Good work!

Can I ask what software (if any) you used for the stripboard diagram?


Thanks for the feedback.

What I have done on previous boards is to replace the LED on pin 13 with a socket. That way a led can be inserted/removed as needed. I will be looking at a USB/TTL connector placement next but wanted to make sure the board was OK.

The software used is something called 'DIY Layout Creator 2.x' available from It can be a little idosyncratic, but is really easy to use. Tip double click a component to change it's properties and unckeck 'sticky points.

Some components are missing but they can be easily built by creating an XML file and placing it in the libraries folder. I had to create headers, socket, reset switch, led crystal and regulator. no place to upload them but am happy to provide them to whoever wants them.

I once used something called "LochMaster". Many issues but quit nice for documenting things. I would use Fritzing, but I have not yet found out how to define/generate boards...

WRT USB/TTL plugs... Maybe we could make a catalogue with pin layout (and maybe photographs)? I think there are not too many different of them in the world, 7 or 8 is my guess... I know 5 of them...