DIY Synthesizer w/ XMEGA128AU1 32MHz

Hallo friends :D

I program a DIY Synthesizer with an XMEGA128AU1 32MHz and 3.2" TFT LCDs. My source code is based on the UTFT library from arduino.

Here a few pics from Display:

Sounds from my Synth:

My project-site in german:

My project-site in english:

Greetings from germany. Rolf

Hello Rolf and welcome,

Very nice!

Rolf, You have made a very nice job of this project. I can tell there is a lot of work gone into every aspect of what you have done here.

I like the way you have laid out the vero board and placed all components neatly, it reminds me of how I also do this sort of work many years ago.

I hope it brings lots of good sounds to you. I'll take a listen to some of the samples.

Will you next make an additive synthersizer, say like a Kawai K5000S maybe ?