DIY touchpad?

I am trying to identify the optimum solution to a DIY touchpad (approx iPad shape/size) which will give X-Y location AND force detection. So far I have considered: -layering FSR's and Linear Pots -hacking a touchscreen overlay and adding FSRs -capacitive inks/other material -qprox

Would any member care to suggest the best solution for a fairly nooby programmer/builder

Thanks Brendan

I have not seen this before but i know that sony is working on it...

Maybe you could grab some ideas but thinking of a home-made one sounds me very ambicious, keeps us informed!

I don't have any experience with it myself, but could you just use a standard touch screen and mount it so the contact points (3 or 4) rest on something like a FSR? I got my hands on some surplus 4 wire touch screens for a couple bucks and am thinking of trying something like that out for a midi controller. Maybe even just a piezo if you just need to detect a tap?