DIY USB Interface

Anyone got a link to a page that will help me grasp adding USB Interface to a stand alone board?

I think you’re talking about providing the serial upload/comm support that non-standalone Arduino boards use, within your standalone circuit. It’s not a full USB port, but it can be used with a USB serial host like a terminal app on a PC.

How about looking at the schematic to SparkFun’s FTDI Basic Breakout Board? Then googling for information on the FTDI standard, the parts involved to bridge the connection from USB to a standalone

Thanks halley! :-*

I can report good results with the following Sparkfun break out USB serial converter. I did the jumper change to allow 5v TTL levels. It has all the control signals needed (DTR) to allow the autoreset function that the Arduino IDE uses. Has nice little send receive LEDs to show data traffice and direction also. I also like the little mini B USB connector used. I soldered header pins onto the backside and the little module plugs nicely into my breadboard.


There’s also the BUB-USB which is quite nice

and quite affordable too :slight_smile: