DIY Vibrated Game Controller

Hey guys, I need your help.

I want to make a steering wheel without ffb, but for receiving feedback from game; I wanna use 2 rumble motors inside the wheel's handles. I'm not a coder or electrician. That's why I help at this simple project.

So, if we go back to the topic's title, you can consider this wheel as a normal gamepad. How can I make this possible?

I don't want to use external motor driver. Plus, simhub's found as a malware.

That makes no sense. You cannot connect a motor to an Arduino without a driver or some sort. A "logic-level" FET would be a start, but it may be easier for you to use a module containing the FET and associated parts.

:rofl: you came to wrong forum, you should write to racing game developer and ask they to make gamepad motor interface or whatever you want to have while playing. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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