DIY wireless audio surround speakers

I’ve done some research and I have yet to find a good answer for what I’m looking for…maybe you could point me in the right direction?

I think my project is pretty straightforward, but I’m not sure what is required.

I want to be able to take two analog stereo signals (i.e. surround left and right) and transmit the two signals to an amp, to which the speakers are connected. I want to do this over wifi in order to get the highest quality signal (Blu-Ray is 640 kbps).

I’ve looked at SparkFun and I’m lost in the number of choices I have in wireless components.

I think I could get two analog inputs connect them to an Arduino, and use a wifi module to send to another arduino with wifi and two analog (output). Sounds easy enough, right? What kind of programming would I need?

Sounds easy enough, right?

It does.
But it isn’t.

I have yet to find a good answer for what I’m looking for.

I’m sure there were lots of good answers.
Maybe not the ones you wanted to hear.

Blu-Ray is 640 kbps).

And a simple stereo CD is over 1.4Mbits-1

I think FM radio would be better than WiFi, since you already have the analog. I had a kit for my car that used FM radio to allow me to hook up a CD player.

could you point me in the right direction? @Awol

@KeithRB I've had FM car transmitters before and I have always had issues with interference...but maybe it won't be an issue since the setup will be stationary?

could you point me in the right direction? @Awol


And no car. Most of the car type FM transmitters let you choose between the two guaranteed clear channels in your area - like channel 3 and 4 on Analog TV in the US.