DIYino Prime v1 boards available for prop electronics - restock

New DIYino Prime v1 boards from the 5th run are available from now on.

The board costs 59 EUR.

As there has been a large interest in batch orders I offer starting from the 5th Run a discount for multiple board orders:

= 5 boards, price is 54 EUR/board
=10 boards, price is 49 EUR/board

Shipping costs worldwide 6 EUR including tracking and shipment in small parcel/padded brief, no insurance. For an additional 2 EUR the parcel can be insured. For batch orders shipment costs depends on the amount of boards, please get in contact with me.

For payment I accept PayPal only. Use the PayPal function Send Money/Send Money to Friend and Family, indicating how many boards you would like to buy and (most importantly) your shipping address. If you want to use the payment method Send Money, please add +3.9% to the price to cover PayPal fees for international transactions.
My PayPal account is:

For tracking purposes please leave a pm or a message in this thread.

This is a private sell. All boards get shipped thoroughly tested and functional.