DJI Phantom 2 dron using Arduino

Hello, I am quite new to the world of Arduino, but I chose to make a project using it. It is quite an important project for me, so I will be very thankful for any response.
I was wondering, if there is any way to rebuild a DJI Phantom 2 drone into an Arduino-powered drone. I searched the internet, but I was not able to find any similar project. Can anyone help me?
In the picture below theres the drone and the connections.

How familiar are You with drone electronics?
Changing the main system is likely far from plug and play.

I understand the basics, I just wanted to know if it is even possible to use the Phantom´s internals with arduino.

You need to compare the contents/functions of the current drone system and the components/functions of the new system.
You need a lot of luck to find a helper that has done exactly this.
It's close to "Mission impossible" as I feel it.

I found a few projects where people used Arduino to make a drone, but they weren´t using exactly the parts I have. I was hoping to find someone who could explain to me how should I use them if it is even possible.

You can start comparing connectors and to what devices the cables are going. The next questions are, does it physically fit and mount?

My first question is ‘why’?
If the original is burned out, or submerged in salty water, then the controller is probably only 60%: of your problem.
DJI have spent a lot of time and money developing the hardware and software into a working ‘system’.

Sure it’s possible, but you’re going to get a better result sooner by buying spares or a new drone - probably at less cost. I hope the other specialist team members are working for free for the six months to a year you’ll need.

If you’re keen, and can afford the time, costs and disappointments - you’ll learn a lot and be well prepared to bundle a new device. It will never be the same.

It has pretty much nothing to do with rebuilding a broken drone, it is a school project that I need to do, it doesnt necessarily need to be built from Phantom 2, it is just a spare drone I have. The main idea is to build a drone using some kind of microcontroller, and the one I am most familiar with is Arduino. Hope that answers your question. If it was on me, I would never start such a complicated project on my own.

Ok, then go read up on the ArduPilot project and it’s spin-offs.
If you try to replicate the dji as a student, you’ll be 30 before you see any results.

If you go with something like this, you could be flying in under six months.


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