DJI Phantom 2 Repurposing

I have an old DJI Phantom 2 drone that I want to disassemble and use the parts to make a new drone. I was wondering how I could plug in both the ESCs into an Arduino, so I could control the motors without spending 30 bucks on new ESCs. I was also wondering if and how I could plug in the radio receiver on the Phantom 2 Drone into an arduino, and use the controller to control something new on the Arduino. The pictures are attached below.

Phantom 2 ESC.png

Phantom 2 Receiver.png

Interesting question, it probably can be done with enough information. Include a preliminary Schematic, not a frizzy thing for the parts you have, a link for each hardware piece including data sheets.

Unless you share the data sheets it would be difficult to assist in connection with the Arduino