Dji spark with Neopixel

Hello, today I was bored and just wanted to try something new so I took a Dji Spark with an Arduino Uno, an Adafruit Powerboost 1000c, an Adafruit Neopixel 12 led, and a 3.7v lipo battery. Tommorrow I will use smaller wire and use solder and rubberband or possibly velcro, then test flight after that. Any thoughts?


I'd think weight would be an important consideration. If so, I don't think an Uno is the best choice. A Pro Mini would be the lightest equivalent, with a Nano a little heavier.

The images I am trying to post are too large. Do you know a solution? And the whole set up doesn’t feel that heavy but I guess we will see. Thanks for the response.

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Thank you for that @Pert