djm 600 big doubt


I have an djm 600.

It has effects off course. But some effects only play well in some musics so...

It's possible to preview how the effect will look like in the track, listening to that only on the phones, when the track is playing without effects on the speakers?

This is SO important to me.

Thanks for your time!

This is an Arduino forum, you should realize it from the URL, the name of the page, all the green and white stuff and the Arduino logos here and there. It has nothing to do with a DJM600 which, if I'm not wrong, is Pioneer (so you might ask for help in the much more appropriate Pioneer forum).

Still I answer to your question; you're looking at the headphone track cueing with the effect. I used to have it also my old Behringer, so there's quite an high chance you have this function.