DK Motor Shield revisit

I respect that this is a somewhat ‘ancient’ topic but it is new to me as a newcomer to Arduino.

5 years ago this thread appeared on site:
Seemingly various persons seemed to get some joy. I believe I have followed all of those advices but to no avail.

Primarily I wish to run two motors from a DK Electronics Motor Shield, apparently one that Adafruit has deprecated. Initially I purchased a “Geekcreit” board, supposedly Arduino Uno compatible.

After many explorations I bought what I assumed was the Arduino Uno Development board; turned out to be Iduino Uno but that doesn’t work!

Testing the DK shield on both the Geekcreit and Iduino Uno boards all motor M* terminals each register about 4.8V against GND but 0.0V against each pair; the power jumper is intact. And yes, the Serial Monitor confirms that the sketch is working. I’ve edited the “Keyword.txt” by downloading into Windows “Wordpad” and then saving as “.txt” to avoid the LF Carriage Return mentioned in the above link.

Since the “Geekcreit” board functions with other sketches (no shields attached) I can only assume that there are library issues.

Please advise.

Maybe you should cut your losses and ditch the really old L293-technology in favour of something newer and more efficient, such as a suitable driver from here?

I take your point but:

  1. It bothers me that some can use the technology and the software to make things happen,
  2. To walk away from this without an understanding is defeatist, I mean, I won't have learnt anything from the experience,
  3. I know that my investment in this project is not huge but - I like to be frugal and therefore don't want to waste both the equipment and the experience.