DMC20481 20x4 lcd doesn't work properly

Hey everyone,

I have a DMC20481 lcd display and I wanted to connect it to my arduino, and it didn’t work. Then I connected my other 16x2 display (qapass 1602a) to the exact same wiring and code and it did work.

I connected everything to the schematic you can download, and the only thing I did when swapping was lcd.begin(16, 2); to lcd.begin(20, 4);.

I know the DMC20481 once did it correctly because my dad connected it once when I was 12 and he also doesn’t know how to connect it now.

I tried an older version of lcd library, reconnecting the wires with more wires (all of the lcd connections are connected), another arduino, another lcd (16x2 and it did work) and the default program coming with the library but this is the closest I get to display something on this 20x4 lcd.

Does anyone know what to do and display useful characters on this display?

I would start by resoldering the pins on the LCD module. See this for some tips.


Oke thanks, I will try this but I have another problem with the 16x2 display, sometimes (now often) it displays only the top row and 3 highest lines of the bottom row. so 8x5 in the top row and 3x5 in the bottom row in the highest position (horizontal) Do you know why this is?