DMD library problem

I am just trying to get a clock running on a P10 LED panel ( 32 x 16 leds ) using DMD library, but when I try the example dmd clock readout ( and others ) I get the

error message

" exit status 1

no matching function for call to 'DMD::DMD(int, int)' "

Any ideas what I need to do, I have updated the libraries, and am using Arduino 1.8.13 ?

Hi John, where did you get the library? Please post a link to the library and also tell us which examples you tried. If from GitHub, did you check the Issues page for an open/closed issue matching the problem you found?

Thanks Paul, I got the library from the IDE library manager, and I tried the examples of the DMD, but I notice that the DMD2 version compiles OK ( although it was the special clock font I was after , mentioned in the DMD)
They say that DMD2 is a beta version, and DMD the stable one, but that was a couple of years ago, so I will try importing the font into the DMD2.
I haven't time to investigate at the moment ,so I will see if I can copy the font from DMD.

Please tell us the exact name of the library as shown in Library Manager. I only see a "DMD2" and a "DMD32" library in Library Manager. I do see a DMD library from the author of DMD2 here:
but this library is not in Library Manager.

I see that it is not in the library manager list any more, so perhaps I got it elsewhere along the way, but I will rather try the beta DMD2 version as the DMD is quite old now, and Freetronix has retired the sales of the DMD kits.