DMD scrolling anyone use DS18B20

I have done with DS18B20 use LCD, now anyone use DMD before?

I do not understand what you need.

DMD is an acronym with multiple meanings - - I cannot choose

Please write your question in detail in your native language and use google translate to translate to English. Post code you have sofar. Explain what you expected and what you got.

Thank you

Guessing here, because of where the question was asked: Dot Matrix Display ?

Still robtillaart is right: ask your question in a way that it is clear what you want. Your one liner isn't very clear. If your question is indeed about a dot matrix display, you should also tell about what display it is, so how may dots are in the matrix and how are they arranged ?

Sorry, there no-one or some known famous about DMD, yes DMD mean Dot Matrix Display 32X16 Led.

Why not use the example code ? Freetronics provided examples...