DMM output decoding (RS232)

Hi guys, has anyone tried to decode the output of FS9721_LP3. Most DMMs use this IC (e.g. Digitek

DT4000ZC), it send messages in 14 byte packets at 2400 baud rate.

If someone has worked along these lines, can you please help me get started with few lines of code.

I am only interested in reading the resistance output of the DMM.

Description of the protocol is available at:


The ones I use don't use that chip.

Why not show us what you have so far and we can help you from there.

Man, that is one painful encoding.

First, just output the hex bytes to make sure you are getting things right.

Then I suggest you write a function that converts segments to binary:

byte segmentsToBinary(bool a, bool b, bool c, bool d, bool e, bool f)

The rest should be pretty simple