DMX-512 control using Arduino

I've looked at this site on Arduino Playground

But it seems that most of it is out of date (some links are dead, information doesn't seem up to date). Is there a more recent site someone can point me to, or is there a way I can get in touch with the right people to update the Arduino Playground with more DMX-512 knowledge?

Also how can I get in touch with fellow people that are interested in the DMX-512 standard using Arduino? Or find some cool projects for beginners to try, so I can familiarize myself with the topic more?


You type 'arduino DMX' into google and you get 26,300 hits.

Thanks. This helps me with the overview. I was hoping to chat with someone that has actually completed the projects to pick their brain.

Yes, I'm aware how Google works, my problem was to narrow down the results to something more useful.

So anybody that did a project like this who is on the forums?