DMX-512 RX w/ serial LCD and Rotary Encoder Addr

/*********************************************************** * DMX-512 Reception by Max Pierson * * Serial-LCD & Rotary Adressing by Ed Dolby * * Version Rev14 Jan 18th 2010 * * Released under the WTFPL license, although I would * * appreciate Attribution and Share-Alike * * See for the latest version. * *********************************************************/ /**************************** Prep Work *****************************/ // Place the modified HardwareSerial.cpp in // arduino-0016\hardware\cores\arduino // keep the old one just in case // Download the modifed one here // // Make a dir call "Rotary" // Add QuadEncoder.cpp, QuadEncoder.h to it // arduino-0016\hardware\libraries\Rotary // // COMPILE USING ARDUINO 0016 // We havent modified the HardwareSerial.cpp to work in 0017 yet // It will not work with 0017

/******************************* Parts Needed *****************************/ // 3 300ohm resistors // 3 LEDs (Small) // Serial LCD display // Rotary encoder with push button built in // SN75176 // 120ohm Resistor // Arduino328

/******************************* Pin Outs*****************************/ // Pin0 Pin1 of SN75176 // Pin1 NC // Pin2 Pin2 of SN75176 // Pin3 Pin3 of SN75176 // Pin4 Serial LCD // Pin5 RED LED // Pin6 GREEN LED // Pin7 Rotary Encoder (Gray Code) // Pin8 Rotary Encoder (Gray Code) // Pin9 BLUE LED // Pin10 Rotary Encoder Push Switch

ZIP file with code and video demo

Now help me make it work on the Arduino Mega 1280 !!!!!!!!!! /commandment :)

Does someone still have that zip?

Anyone still got the source to this project?

The holidays have just begun. I just packed my Arduino Duemilanove out and got Max Pierson's DMX receiver rev. 15 from running with an LCD and a rotary encoder. The LCD as a HD44780 compatible LCD Display and the rotary encoder is an ALPS 12-Step pulse encoder.

I'm waiting for an Arduino Mega 2560 I just ordered a few days ago. Can't wait to port it.

If anyone wants a demo video just ask.


I do, I do, Pick me, pick mee... imagine Jack Russel terrier bouncing :-p

Seriously though, one of the reasons I got into Arduino's is because I want to do some cool projects with DMX-512.

Here's the video on YouTube.

Messed the video up somehow. Here's the new upload.

Where can I find the QuadEncoder.cpp and QuadEncoder.h files?

Use the native libraries which come with arduino 0022.

Arduino 0022 was released on Christmas but the core files have been modified to use register-based and not CPU-based #if defines.
I was curious if it were possible to implement an #ifdef (ARDUINO_DMX) into the HardwareSerial code so that we just have to include #define ARDUINO_DMX into the source code. Any suggestions?

Use the native libraries which come with arduino 0022.

What do you mean by native libraries? I've installed Arduino 0022 and I don't see anything looking like QuadEncoder :(

Use the standard encoder libraries included with arduino 0022. which source are you using (where did it come from)? Grabbed the DMX application from WingedVictoryDesign and started from scratch as I found Dolby's mod to be pretty unconventional. This also depends on what kind of LCD and rotary encoder you have. If it's not that what Dolby is using then you'll end up modifying most of it anyway.


I know this is an old thread - but does someone have the source for this setup with DMX reception, the rotary switch and LCD display via SPI/I2C ?

Thanks /bipsen