DMX AC fan speed control + 4 bulb dimmer + 3 fog machines control

Hi everybody
here is a little system i've made some months ago.
I've built a laser harp and we are using a stand + fog for our musician but it require lot of cables to contol each part of the installation (light, fog, big fan and little fans).

so I've bought a DMX controller and built my own DMX receiver.
the receiver must have

  • 1 big AC fan speed control + rotation (to control the fog)
  • 4 AC bulb dimming
  • 3 fog machine heating + fog volume control
  • 1 little DC fan speed control

it was made of some old parts like the LCD where I've replaced the CCFL backlight by white leds one with a boost controller and the AC fan speed control was made with an old OMRON synchronous motor controller. Even if the fan motor is an asynchronous model a trick allows to control it like a synchronous one.
in some case when there's lot of fog the reverse rotation of the fan is very useful! it's like an "undo function" :grin:

Even the box comes from an old project so forget about the wrong hole position/diameter :grin:

For the bulb dimming I'm using a timer with zero crossing detector to start the triacs (phase cut)

for the little DC fan I'm using a DS1050 PWM controller, the big fan is controlled by a DC voltage from 0 to 10v like every industrial controller. the voltage comes from a multichannel I2C DAC with analog scaling (very small component in TSSOP package).
this same multichannel DAC is used to generate the fog level for the fog machines

here are some pictures step by step :slight_smile:

and here are the schematics.
note: I've already got lot of my work stolen on the internet like the laser harp project by sharing my ideas freely on forum boards so if you want to use part of my schematics please give the original source.


Test video links:
video 1

video 2

on stage at the bottom left of the picture

Now I must work on the firmware to add a more graphical interface with bargraph etc.
but it's not really my domain even if I work with atmel microcontrollers since their first 8051 ISP model (AT89S8252) "not recommended for new design"...ouch! I'm old :stuck_out_tongue:
I prefer the hardware side of the force.... :grin:

Very nice!

thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome piece of work ! Gold Star !

That Omron inverter looks positively 1980s. Awesome.

yes but vintage systems are very reliable :wink: and cheap (20$) this is why I'm using vintage audio system (beocenter 9500. it works like a charm! xD)

Nice project! What is the 'trick' to use the OMRON controller for the single phase fan motor? Can it work with any 3-phase VFD?

I also need a simple solution to control a basic fan like that from a computer. Any suggestions?