DMX control and jeenodes

Hi, I've been looking into controlling DMX output to halogen lights. The project is to send light data (recorded through a light sensor) via radio (jeenode) to the DMX breakout on an Arduino so the halogen lights will then react according to the light data received.
My problem so far has been getting the DMX arduino to communicate with the jeenode. I realise that they both work on different voltages and I have attempted to bypass this problem through level shifters but with no results. I have not been able to find a tutorial or forum posts with this problem and I'm wondering if this project is feasible at all?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

It may be feesable if the arduino can keep up. Make sure your level shifter can handle the speeds you are trying to use, and a lot of level shifters are either open drain, or do not have enough current for anything. If yours is open drain there needs to be pull ups and if there isn't enough current then you just can't talk.

I do not know enough about DMX to give you a solid answer but those are some things to look at.

thank you very much for your pointers!