DMX on Attiny

Hi everyone !

I’m actually working on a DIY DMX Shield and I’ve builded the wiring with this schematic:

I use Concepticonics lib for Arduino.
It compiles when I want to upload my code on a Arduino Uno, but it can’t with an Attiny45.

There is the latest error (there is around 25 errors) :
/root/sketchbook/libraries/Conceptinetics/Conceptinetics.cpp:1171:28: error: ‘DMX_FE’ was not declared in this scope
if ( usart_state & (1<<DMX_FE) )

How to declare DMX_FE & DMX_UCSRB and all constants not defined ?

There is my .ino:

#include <Conceptinetics.h>
#include <Rdm_Defines.h>
#include <Rdm_Uid.h>


#define RXEN_PIN  3


int channel = 0;

void setup()
  dmx_master.setChannelRange(2, 25, 127);
  digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  static int dimmer_val;
  while(dimmer_val <= 100) 
    dmx_master.setChannelValue(channel, dimmer_val++);
  channel ++;
  dimmer_val = 0;

Thanks a lot.

I dont use the conceptics library, or in fact the tiny45
But I do use this library, which is very good

The library must have access to the right registers to read/set the uart correctly
AT devices can have subtle differences between what these registers are called, where the bits are located in the register, and what they actually do

It may be that you are using a library for type A processor, but using type B

Do you have a UNO you could try instead ?

Hi mcnobby.

I'm sorry for the late response.

Thanks for indications, i'll try DMXSerial :wink:

I haven't an Arduino UNO (broken) by cons I've an Arduino Mega 2560. Is it ok to edit registers?


I believe the library I indicated works with the Mega2560