Hi All,

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'm struggling to find something that fits the bill. I've been after an LED strobe to replace my traditional xenon unit, and to get what I want would cost me over a £€$1000.

Arduino looks like it might be the way forward.. I'm after a DMX receiver that will then output to 3x led channels with the following spec: - 7 Channels: - 1, 2, 3 = RGB - 4 = Master Intensity - 5 = On Time - 6 = Strobe Speed - 7 = Effect (Ramp Up/Down, Random Strobe Speed etc etc)

Looking at the ArDMX examples, could possibly manage the simple idea of dimming and LED but to do things like the effects where it would require a timer to do things like the ramping I would just get lost. The other issue is dmx channel setting. It would need to be settable by dip switches, or display + buttons.

Does this sound like a possible project? Which Arduino would be best suited? Would an Uno be ok?

As a bit of background, I'm generally ok with hards on electronics and pcb design, but c code is not my strong point. I'm a Basic kinda guy.

Feedback very much welcome, thank you. James