DMX shield on a LilyPad

I have been working on a costuming project for school that incorporates a number of LEDs and EL-wire controlled from an Arduino LilyPad. I am attempting to add an element of DMX control from a lighting console. I have purchased a conceptinetics DMX shield and downloaded the appropriate libraries for it from:

Using the example slave code and an Uno I was able to set up a slave device and get full response from the console signal. When I tried to transfer the set up to the Lilypad I was not seeing any response to the DMX signal. Right now I have wires jumping from the LilyPad to the shield on the 5V, ground, and RX pins. Is there a connection that I'm missing? Or do you think there is something in the code that needs to be changed?

I guess I'm also wondering if the LilyPad has the serial capabilities to host the DMX shield. Based on my understanding of the specs it should be able to, but perhaps I am overlooking something. Does anyone have any thoughts on the compatibility issue?

Thanks for the help!

That link isn't working but yes if you've connected to Power, Ground and RX and using the same code as an Uno it should work, however perhaps a photo might help?