DMX Shield or Stand Alone Board

i have been playing for a while now with the Arduino, and i was to the point of building a PCB for DMX lighting control.
-RS422 Converter.
-DIN 3 pin Male (PCB solder)
-DIN 3 pin Female (PCB solder)
-Dip switch (x9) for DMX address (on a Parallel to Serial Chip to save Arduino Pins)
-Space for proto.

Here is the question:
Would it be better to build it on a Shield or a Stand alone board?
The Stand alone Board, would have a little more part:
AtMega 328, 16MHz Resonator, and 6 pin header for update but in the gain of freeing your Arduino board ($30) for something else.

And also how many of you would be interessed in such a board?

Thanks all for all the support that you already gave me


Damn I thought you had made something

i did but it is a mess

3 pin XLR? Shame! ;) I hope you're at least not using mic cable to interconnect...

In all seriousness, 3 pin would be a definite deal breaker, personally. Unless you're talking about solder pads/header for the signal connector, which would be OK. Ship it with a proper XLR5, and I would consider picking one up for convenience sake, depending on price.

i like it! and the 3-pin connectors that must have been quite the poject. did you end up using the Arduino board or make your own? my next project it to figure out setting up a Arduino to output a DMX lope when it sees a input on one of the pins.

is it going to be open source?