DMX Shield

Hi guys,

I'm a complete newbie to the arduino so please bare with me if the answer is obvious!

I'm looking at building a DMX interface on my arduino to controller some cheap AmericanDJ Led Par cans that are uplighting my living room. I've got an Arduino Uno on order, however i've researched Arduino and DMX a little further and it looks like a have to use a DMX shield for this project.

Do I have to use a DMX shield or can I simply wire a DMX socket into the digital pins on the board?

If I do have to use a shield can someone explain why?

Many thanks,

You need a DMX SHIELD or discrete RS-485 tranceivers. DMX is RS-485(High impedance differential drive)
The arduino is TTL logic
although these days it is built into the chips , whereas when it was first introduced the transistors were
discrete devices on the board because the 7400 series ic had not been introduced yet.

Ah ok I see

Thanks for your advise