DMX Stepper control

Hi all,

I’m curious if anyone could help me with the following project:

Every year we - a group of 12 volunteers in the age of 23 to 30 years old - organize a small festival in our village to create a change for the younger people to go out, as the activities for this group of teenagers are becoming less and less.

Within this festival we always build a stage/decor with all available materials we have, and with many, many hours, manpower and voluntary labor, also from people outside our crew.

For this year, we’d like to re-build an existing art project we had laying around to be movable, controlled by DMX from the light-jockey(s).
The device consists out of two (tubular, steel) rings and a static frame. The outer ring rotates in relation to the frame, and the inner ring rotates in relation to the outer ring. The rings are approximately 2m and 1m in diameter.
The art project will be driven by two stepper motors (with planetary reduction), making it able to move its outer and its inner ring.
The stepper motors are driven by DM542T drivers, which are controlled/driven by a Arduino Nano/Uno/Mega.

In addition, the device could also get some LED strips built in (also DMX-controlled), but these are second priority.

I’ve made a small table of my first thoughts about controlling the stepper motors through DMX, but this may change according your ideas. A PDF of this initial thought is added to this post.

Some things the device should do:

  • Accelerate/Decelerate with smoothness, because of present (moment of) inertia
  • Home itself on startup or on command

On request, some preview images of the device are available, but because of some ‘confidentiallity’ I’m not posting them over here.

I’m looking for someone which is interested to help me out with making this. Offcourse there is a possibility to have some financial compensation where required.

The event is taking place in only 3 weeks, so I’m in a hurry a bit, that’s why I’m specifically looking for some help on this great forum :wink:

Thanks in advance!


DMXChannelsOverview.pdf (20.5 KB)

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