DMX stepper motor control


First-time poster so if I make any faux pas please let me know. I’m trying to make something similar to this - Basically, a spinner for an LED light bar. Ideally, the control data would be wireless. Ultimately, I want to synchronize 12-24 of these to complete the effect. The LED pixel control data will be wired and sent from a separate app so that part is basically sorted. The hang-up at this point is the streaming motion control.

I’m using an ESP32 Dev Kit and a DM320T stepper driver to control a NEMA 17 motor which spins an LED strip inside of a diffusion tube. So far, I can send individual rotation ‘targets’ to Accelstepper over wifi and it moves gracefully (with acceleration) but what I need is to be able to stream positional data via either Art-net or OSC. When I try to stream positional data the rotation slows considerably and becomes very jerky. This leads me to believe that the ESP32 cannot process the network data, as well as the stepper library, fast enough though I don’t know if that is indeed the bottleneck hence, this post.

I’m not asking anyone to ‘do my homework’ for me. I’m just hoping to be pointed in the right direction by someone with more knowledge and experience in this area than myself. In the broad sense, is it possible to stream DMX or OSC data to an ESP32 so it can control a stepper in near real-time? If so, should I ditch the wireless aspect and move to an ethernet solution? If the hardware is theoretically capable, I will post the code and go from there.

Thanks in advance.


What have you tried? Where is your code? Posting a link to something you’d like to duplicate is not usually the best method.

Maybe read the sticky note at the top of the forum about how to post. It helps people help you.

Doh. My bad. Point taken. Won’t happen agian. Thanks.

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