DMX to ArtNet using RS485 Shield

I have an Arduino Uno, Ethernet shield & RS485 shield (RS485 Shield for Arduino V2.1)

I have some software which I'm using which I'd like to control with ArtNet, but I only have DMX outputs from my lighting console.

I have tried a few samples and stuff on receiving data with this module, but I can't seem to get anywhere.

I have multiple DMX fixtures and DMX controllers to be able to test this with, but just need some guidance as to where to start with my code.


Maybe start with looking what libraries/code is available here.
I see links to Artnet senders and there are also links to DMX slaves. All you need to do is work out what ones are happy to coexist with each other and then write/piece code together to do what you want.

Maybe someone has already done this but if not then if you get stuck then ask here.