Dmx to Spi Convertor

Hi forum

I have a code requirement. Is something like this possible?

Enter DMX 512 signal with the Arduino mega want to get SPI output. I would like to take this signal with LED strips.

I would be happy if you can help or provide code examples of this type.

Thank You

Or I got from the dmx512 signal light table, a code or to translate the signal circuit diagram of spin

Is this a simple conversion of the DMX value on a particular channel to an SPI output value or is there more involved?
What SPI device are you talking to?

Sounds like you want to be a DMX512 client and control some LEDs. Yes, you can do that - but you'll
need the right DMX512 breakout to convert RS485 signal to standard serial. You need something like
Serial1.begin (250000L) ; on whichever Mega serial channel you want. There are also libraries
for DMX512 I believe to hide all the details - some may allow client-side operation.

hello again,
There is a USB to DMX interface in my hands. arduino or add this interface, I want to check ucs1903 strip LEDs. please help. or share code samples.

Thank you