dmx washing machine motor controlling

hi, i’m hoping that someone can help me. if been trying to controle a 220 volt motor by the dmx protokol, but it is not going as planned. help pleas.
i’m stuck!

please explain what you have tried. Pictures and schematics can help us to help you.

i made this one

and tried it with some examples like this

that looked oke, the lamps and the motor i hooked up to the dimmer went as programmed in the code, but then i tried to get it working from my mac with ministageconsole software, to be found here so that i could control a dimmer from my mac, nothing happend, and now at this point i can't get any further.

after that i tried this option

but here nothing happens on the dimmer?!

i be greatfull a little bit of input would be nice greetz adriaan

or maybe someone knows an other 'easy' to control a washing machine motor an mac

this is what i have to build:

look at the mapping

it ia going to be an carroussel of 12 mirrors, in an room, there wil be movementsensors that have to set motion to the carroussel, the pictures reflected in the mirrors by 2 beamers, and the sound, an microphone that wil record the sound of the motor. would be cool to get some input.

what are you trying to controll on the motor. speed, direction, or just on or off? also, what are the ratings on the motor?

the speed, and direction, but at this point when i would be able to get the motor running from my mac, that would be great!

Your lack of replies on this is probably due to the fact that it is difficult to know what equipment you have. You just keep referring to a "dimmer" but what is this?

You need some software to connect the Mac to your Arduino and on the Arduino you need some software to convert / transfer what it receives to the DMX shield.

It strikes me that you need a serial port from the MAC and a serial port for the DMX. An arduino only has one serial port you can't use it for both. You might look at the "software serial" library and see if that will do but why do you want an arduino in the loop anyway?