DmxFirmata using DmxSimple library

I put together a Firmata-based firmware for sending DMX from a host computer via Firmata. I don’t have any DMX hardware, so I’d like to hear if it works for people:

#include <Firmata.h>
#include <DmxSimple.h>

void dmxWriteCallback(byte pin, int value)
    // analogWrite is 10-bit, but DMX is 8-bit, so reduce the value
    DmxSimple.write(pin, value/4);

void setup()
    Firmata.setFirmwareVersion(0, 1);
    Firmata.attach(ANALOG_MESSAGE, dmxWriteCallback);

    // Firmata only supports 16 analog pins, so limit the DMX output

void loop()
    while(Firmata.available()) {

Im interested in getting this working and have access to DMX equipment..

Excellent. That code at the start of this thread should be enough to do it. Any luck with it?