dnsLookup() method needed to upload data to cosm

Is dnsLookup() method needed to upload data to cosm?? On running the code for dnsLookup() am getting failed replies as below

Client Demo
Setting up DHCP
My IP:
DNS failed

I ran the code from the page http://www.lucadentella.it/en/2012/02/19/enc28j60-e-arduino-3/
In some forums i read about DDNS enabling in the router..Is it really needed ?? my router doesn't have DDNS. is it possible to make the code work without enabling DDNS??? My ultimate aim is to upload some data to cosm..somebody pls guide me on this..Am using Enc28j60 ethernet shield..

Is dnsLookup() method needed to upload data to cosm??

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somebody pls guide me on this..

OK. Please is not spelled pls.

What is dnsLookup() looking up?

Ultimately, no dnsLookup() is not required for any web transaction, whoever it is you're posting to.

dnsLookup() resolves a web name into an IP address. If you already have the IP address you can skip the dnsLookup(), but you will have to ensure that you have the right Host: entry in the request header to ensure that the correct Virtual Host is selected on the remote server. This is most often put in by using the hostname portion of the URL, so if you just use an IP address in there you may end up requesting the wrong website. If you are manually crafting the HTTP request header yourself, then it won't be a problem as you can specify the correct hostname in the Host: header.

I use a dns lookup to reduce the time required to process a transaction. Here is the code I use for getting the ip of a NTP server. It will work with about any domain name you want to resolve to an ip.

edit: Oops, my bad. I did not see this. My code won't work :frowning:

Am using Enc28j60 ethernet shield..