Do 5mm led diode RGBW exist?

If it is just an indicator, why do you need RGB as well?
OR are you trying to built an ANGEL light ring?

We need to know your application?
What do you want the LED to do, colour wise?

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I want to botth the ring and the center light have possibility to show all colors, så i need to use an RGB LED.

I want to make more of these and use them as headlights on feks. RC cars etc.

For example:
The headlight is white when speed is under 20km/t and becomes red when the speed is higher.

I wish i could buy an RGBW 5mm LED for that with an own white channel. I CAN use an SMD LED, but then have to take a new approach.

I think new approach would be best - SMD LEDs on a PCB, can be made custom size for the diameter you want and the quantity of LEDs you want.
These were setup for rear lights, but you can see the idea.

These rings are too big for a little rc car.

White color codes chart

Color HTML / CSS
Color Name Hex Code
#RRGGBB Decimal Code
white #FFFFFF rgb(255,255,255),%20rgb%20(245%2C255%2C250)%20%2014%20more%20rows%20

how big should rings be? 5mm?

Yes, i know how to use an RGB led.

As small as possible. Not mutch more than 5mm. And i also need an light in the center.

All color screens are using 3 colors to display any color you wish, so what is the problem ?

I have described my problem if you read my posts.

Many White LED is made with blue LED and yellow phosphor.
In the case of SMD RGBWLED, we just put the RGB LED and another White LED in one package.
It must be manufactured to prevent light from leaking with W and RGB.
But it's probably impossible to make a 5mm LED because it's entirely molded with the same resin.

RGB LED doesn't work when molded with yellow phosphor for white LED.
Because when you turn on blue, it becomes white.

White LED light up completely blue when molded with transparent resin for RGB LED.
Because the yellow spectrum due to the phosphor disappears.

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The only short description is in post #18, you can adjust the color by changing those (255,255,255) numbers .

white rgb(255,255,255)
snow rgb(255,250,250)
whitesmoke rgb(245,245,245)

Again... If you red my posts, i do not need help with programming a RGB to give light in different colors. I just wondered if it was possible to buy a 5mm through hole diode with an own white channel.

And there is my answer :slight_smile:

Then i have to find an another way. Thanks :slight_smile:

But I think some post already spoke the same theory in the first half of this topic... :hushed:

Yes, but you actually explained why :slight_smile: