Do all of you have loose connection issues with breadboard?

I am building a camera slider that is powered by a Stepper with Arduino Nano and A4988 driver. Everything works. But, somehow there is a loose connection in the breadboard. Sometimes the stepper stops, and for a long time it drew very little current and the stepper had almost zero torque.

  1. Could the low torque be caused by a bad connection?
  2. Is Breadboard known for beeing unrealiable?
  3. Am I doing something wrong? This is the second time this happened with steppers and drivers and I used two different breadboards.
  4. Please cheer me up. Troubleshoothing sucks with random behaviour.

Breadboards are for quick experiments and not for final products. They are very unreliable.

The connectors in them can’t handle much current, so expect troubles with motors. Motor and motor power supply connections should be made with sufficiently heavy, flexible wires soldered directly to the motor driver board.

Be VERY CAREFUL not to allow even a momentary break in the connection between a stepper motor and the stepper driver while the motor power is connected. It will likely destroy the driver.


Thanks. Its all soldered up now on a protoboard and it works perfectly fine.

I still don´t understand how a loose connection can cause such erratic behaviour. I would think that there either is a connection or there isn´t. But in this case the connection changed the current draw of the motor and its direction.