Do Arduino users really talk about testosterone?

I wonder, do you think the word "testosterone" on its own is enough to warrant a ban?

We have "maletestosterone" (which sounds a bit like an oxymoron) and "maletestosteronebooster" (in case you don't have enough) but honestly, I can't think why or how an Arduino could be useful in the general subject field of testosterone.

Well, I took advice from other spammers: lost some weight, increased some bits, and found god (through a palm reader).

Now my code compiles fine...

A quick test indicates that the spam banning also applies to the subject of the thread, and it is not case sensitive.

So to all spammers: Good day to you! Take your wares elsewhere. kthxbye

Does this only affect new users ( recently registered, or below certain no. of posts )?

As in, would this thread have warranted an automatic ban if the word "testosterone" was added?

Oh, oops.

Better not mention testosterone, anti-aging cream, or kitchens in Devon, eh?

I don't want to spell things out for the spammers, but suffice to say that you are free to discuss these things, pYro_65.