Do hardware USB connection reset from software

Basically I need a board to force disconnect itself from USB, that it is powered & controlled from, and than reconnect.

I've came up with solution with relay, connected to USB cable voltage wire and disconnecting it with sending signal to relay. Relay disconnects board, board stops sending relay signal and get reconnected again.

Problem is that disconnection pause is too low. How could I extend the pause? Will 2 10uf capacitors connected to +5v & signal wire of relay do?

Is it enough to disconnect only +5V wire of USB?

With USB the connectors are designed to disconnect the two signal lines first. This is important since the signal lines would then be powered the USB chip via its protection diodes which could easily burn-out.

So don't just disconnect the +5V.

But I'm sure you are trying to do something that can be done in a better manner - what are you actually trying to achieve?