do help plzz

For mini project ,automatic headlight control is the topic.
(based on light intensity ,headlights should be turns/off to highbeam/lowbeam
i wants to measure on road light intensity .

  1. Is silicon photo transistor helps measure light intensity?
  2. how far it covers?
    3.what are the components necessary to do this mini project?

suggest me something related to this mini project !!!plzz

If this is for a vehicle operating on public roads then I wonder if it would be legal to use a DIY project for headlight control. Inappropriately aligned headlights could result in a serious crash. I suggest you consult your auto-insurer before starting on the project.

Also note that the fine print at the end of the Atmega datasheets states "Atmel products are not suitable for, and shall not be used in, automotive applications"

There has been some discussion on this Forum about what is encompassed by that disclaimer but I don't think that anyone would argue that headlight control is not included.


I'm guessing that this is mini school project and will be tested in a "lab" environment.

A phototansistor is a good choice for measuring light intensity and has a reaction time in the low microseconds.

You'll need some means of switching the power to the lights (relay or P-channel mosfet etc.)

The fun part will be programming it all especially when you consider such things as preventing false triggering and manually overriding it etc.

Can you edit the title to something more meaningful, say "car headlamp switching project" or something similar ?