Do i need a usb shield on the arduino mega ?

Hey guys and girls,

looking at purchasing a arduino mega to start a digital display project for my car.

For my car i connect to the ecu via USB to consult cable (nissan version of OBD)

Can i use the USB on the mega board to connect to the ecu ? it is USB B so i would need to get a USB A to B cable , as my Consult cable is USB A.

or Do i need to add a USB shield to it, to get a USB A port ??

i will also be able a 4D systems shield for the screen. if i need the USB shield what order would i place them onto the board ??

Thanks :slight_smile:

anyone ?

Ugh, that's going to be a pain it the whatsis to get working if you have to go through USB. USB host adapters on low-end microcontrollers aren't usually much fun to deal with.

I would try very hard to communicate with the ODB port without any USB involved - this has gotta be popular, surely there's a way to communicate with the port instead of the USB-ODB adapter. Google would be my next step.

Try an OBD to bluetooth adapter, then read into the Arduino with a bluetooth module.

I should be able to find a Consult to Bluetooth, consult is different to OBD port.

If i was to do it the difficult way tho, just out of curiosity would i need a USB shield ? or is the usb on the mega board able to send and receive data or is it only for powering the board ?