Do I need reverse diode protection for this motor?

I'm using these motors, specifically the 1.9mm diameter one: DC Motor N20 Large Torque Motor Gear Motor with XH2.54 2P Cable for Smart Car DIY|DC Motor| - AliExpress

1.9mm D type

  • No-load speed: 92RPM @ 3V, 195RPM @ 6V
  • No-load current: 60mA @ 3V, 70mA @ 6V

I am running it on 5V. Does this type of small motor require a reverse diode protection or can I not use one? What are my chances of ruining the circuit if I don't use a diode?

why would you think this is any different?

I'm not sure, I figured perhaps since it's lower amp/voltage it may not be needed. As you can tell, I'm a beginner. So just wanted to double check.

Would an 1N4001 suffice for this?

yes that would work just fine. You can experiment if you don't mind burning out some switching devices... I like testing my circuits to failure sometimes... it's fun to blow things up.