Do i need to indentify the Pins in my Code?


I wanna do a project with a p10 Matrix LED Panel. I thought i will follow this description:

But last time i Coded on Arduino i needed to identify the Pins i am using

Is this code Correct? Do i have to make something special? Thank you for every Help!

Which code ?

This is not any kind of tutorial.

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The one on the webside

sorry im new at this Forum.

Where is your code?

I didnt startet yet i thought i could use the one on the link I shared. Im kinda lost sorry :wink:

The code uses hardware SPI, it seems.
That uses a fixed set of pins (except for CS) so no need to specify the pins.

For future reference, it is better if you post the code here, in code tags (of course).

Thank you im gonna try it out. Yes i have to get used to the Forum!

The DMD library takes care of the pin definitions that don't belong to the SPI interface.

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