Do I need to use a motor shield to activate a 12 VDC linear actuator?

Do I need to use a motor shield to activate 2 12VDC linear actuators or can I just plug them into the arduino duemilinova? I am new to arduino so Im not really experienced with this. The actuator uses a DC motor and is created by Firgelli Auto

Here is the link for the actuator...

Also, how would i rig this up when using an external power source?

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Link you provided says the motor can draw up to 10 A, so you can't power it directly from Arduino. Your options are either a motor shield which can provide that current for both actuators at the same time, an off the shelf motor driver, or a custom built H bridge.

It seems that it is a voltage device, ie, if you apply 12VDC it will react. But since it draws a lot of current, you will definitely need a power MOSFET to actuate it. Make sure your power supply can supply enough current it draws, otherwise you will have an unstable system.