Do OLEDs have persistence issues?

Hi all:

I am just curious if anyone knows if OLED displays suffer from persistence issues when the exact, same data are displayed for a long period of time, similar to phosphor-based CRTs?

Thanks for the feedback!

This relates to the (known or expected) lifetime of the technology, in both powered and un-powered states.

The question is - do they degrade with age in storage, and do they degrade under power?

A number of those who appear to know what they are talking about, say LEDs do degrade progressively over time in use. Presuming that is equally true for OLEDs, you will get burn-in. The only question is - over what time period?

One suggested idea is to use one of the cheap "Radar sensors" to control activation of the display so that it shows when - and only when - there is someone nearby.

Yes, they certainly do “burn in”.

Design your project to change the picture every few minutes.
Or better still. Turn the display off when no human is present.

And select a “contrast” setting that gives you a good picture but no brighter than necessary.


Such very good feedback and ideas! Thank you both very much!!