Do Ra-02 modules interfere with one another?

I'm working with Ra-02 modules that send ultrasonic sensor data, so if use more pairs of these, do they interfere with one another? Like one receiver reading data from another? Let's say there are 'A' pair of transmitter and receiver and 'B' pair of transmitter and receiver, so without any encoding wouldn't A receiver be receiving data from both the transmitters? I have gone through the lora library but I don't see options like 'channels' for nrf24 modules. Is that an issue and how would I be able to solve it?

If LoRa modules are on the same frequency and modems then the do interfere with each other.

The Ra-02 LoRa modules can be set to any frequency, in the band they are designed for, in approx 62hz steps. So decide on your own 'channels'.

Ra-02 modules operate between 410 and 525 Mhz so that's just 2 'channels'. Is there a way I can have more, like coding sort of encryption, not for the safety but to stop interference?

Its seems you are confused about channels.

First off you almost certainly cannot legally transmit on the full range of frequencies from 410 and 525 Mhz.

However, assume you can transmit on the range 434Mhz to 435Mhz.

You could, depending on the LoRa settings, transmit on 434.125Mhz, 434.250Mhz or 434.375 and the devices would not interfere with each other. So the Ra-02 is capable of operating on a lot more than 2 'channels'.

You should look up LoRaWAN\TTN. That is a system that uses LoRa, there are basically 8 channels\frequencies used and many hundreads of transmiters (or nodes) can share those frequencies.

Oh yeah, hz not Mhz

Thanks a lott BTW

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