Do you have new LCDI2C4BIT Library?

Hey,I come from Thailand i bought this and connect with LCD 20x04.

And library in the page is too old I try to fix something like "Arduino.h" and Wire.Write.

But it still doesn't work.

You can get the 'New' LiquidCrystal Library, by fm, at

This replaces LiquidCrystal and LiquidCrystal_I2C in a single library (plus adds support for Shift Register expanders).

You'll need to determine the mapping of your I2C interface and set up the correct constructor though.

I didn't use pcf5874

Can this library use with my module? How can i change my library code in my link?(in below of page

P.S.I dont know what is my IC in module

fm's library has i2c support for the pcf8574 chip. Most backpacks use the pcf8574; however, when I looked at that i2c backpack a few weeks ago, I saw that it had a mcp23008 on it. The mcp23008 has different registers on it and works differently than the pcf8574 so fm's current library will not work with that backpack.

It isn't that difficult to convert pre 1.x code that uses the wire library to work with 1.x It usually as simple as modifying a few calls like send() changes to write() etc...

Another option would be to get the adafruit i2c backpack library. It uses the mcp23008. It will need modifications since the output port bits in the adafruit board won't match the output port bits used on your board.

--- bill