Do you have to wire Wemos D1 mini to perfboard/breadboard/board

Hi - Still new to this and I'm trying to copy the wiring from a Youtube video by Nerdforge called "Making Wireless MUSIC VISUALIZING Floor Lamps". This shows how a Wemos D1 Mini is connected with pins over a "perfboard" and all the soldering is done on the perfboard. However, i feel like it would just be easier to solder the wires directly to the holes on the wemos than making all those complicated connections on a board.. However - I dont know if there is a reason WHY is done that way.. Maybe you CANT just solder wires directly to the wemos.. Seems silly if you couldnt but I want to be sure before i make a mess of it.. SO - Can you solder wires directly to the wemos through those holes or do you HAVE TO connect it to some kind of board and solder to it instead? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

You can solder wires directly to the Wemos, but doing this turns into a horrifying tangle very quickly. If you have to use any external components, as opposed to just modules, it's often not practical to do this without perfboard or protoboard. It also makes it hard to reuse your D1 mini for a different project (though they're so cheap, you may not care). Wires soldered directly onto a circuit board, particularly thin wires, are prone to breaking at the point they meet the board from fatigue during handling, as well (when I have wires soldered directly to boards, I usually glue the wire to the board with hot-glue after soldering to keep it from flexing at the point where it meets the board.

Most people choose to use a prototyping shield, which is essentially a perfboard shaped like a D1 mini, with the pins lined up. You can find various versions from ebay and many other vendors. I also happen to sell my own version of them, which I think is way better (but I may be biased).

Nice! That is exactly the answer I needed. Thanks again!