do you know anything about the Digispark Kickstarter Attiny

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it capable of programming attinys just by plugging it into the computer and using the arduino IDE?

Is this the same thing (other than the fact that it has the attiny built in)?

I wrote to the supplier but all I got back was he didn't know but would stand by anything on the listing?

I would get ebay to return my money if it didnt work but I would prefer to not buy one in the first place.

I have a number of attinys that I program with a board I made that sits over an arduino and I would like to program attinys to use without purchasing the board everytime like the digispark but I can't see how this would work with no bootloader?

I have some of those boards. I don't use any of them since using bare ATTiny85's are more flexible with input voltages.

Those Digispark type boards can be programmed with the Arduino IDE using the micronucleus bootloader. You can find the right libs and board support for the IDE with a little googling.

thanks for the replies.

As I said below I have a board I made to programme attinys from the UNO |500x363

But what I wanted was to use something like this and wondered if any one knew if it was compatible with the digispark as the digispark looks as if it has its own bootloader and will programme independently of the UNO.

To use use one of those boards directly with the IDE, you would need to first load an attiny85 with the Micronuclenus bootloader with your Uno programmer and then plug that attiny85 into one of those "development" boards. After doing those steps, yes, I guess you could consider it Digispark compatible.

Nothing is free, the cost is about 2k of flash space to support the USB based bootloader - which is 25% of your total flash memory with an '85. Personally, I'd make a custom board with 6 pin ISP header to program and ditch the bootloader. Buy a $3 USBASP and program from within the IDE using the "Upload with Programmer" option which gives you all 8k of flash for your program.

avr_fred: Buy a $3 USBASP...

He's already made a half-shield with a socket on it, it should be easy for him to add the 3x2 header to that. Or just wire up a new one.