Do you know what this device is called?

I have no idea what this device is called, but I think it would be perfect for my project.

It’s a physical input device with a dial that goes from 0-9, and has two push buttons (one turns dial up 1, other turns it down 1)

I can draw it, if I didn’t explain it well enough.


BCD rotary pushbutton switch Sometimes (usually?) a subset of “thumbwheel switches.”

Alas, like the above, these usually come in 0-7 or 0-F outputs, since their primary use was device select on SCSI peripherals.
It looks like digikey has some that have the full decimal outputs (grouped with their thumbwheel switches.) Here’s another one

That’s it!

Thanks a bunch, exactly what I was thinking of!

The August edition of Nuts & Volts has a tutorial on the pushbutton rotary encoder on page 52. It uses a pic micro but the lesson is still relevant. Only 2 days till the next edition but you might still be able to get one. Just a heads up.

Thanks for the heads up.

It took some creative googleing, but I was able to find an explanation on another forum Read a BCD value (Thumbwheel Switch)

I will grab that issue of nuts & volts anyway, can never have to much info!

Just stumbled onto this page

I did not read through it yet though.

A “rotary encoder” is NOT usually the same things as a BCD encoded rotary switch…