Do you like the new forum?

There was a time when the number of downloads of a particular attachment was shown.
Now this is missing. Of course it is not critical but I did use it to gauge the popularity of something I put in the Exhibition Gallery.


I noticed links have a click number next to them, so may be host the code on GitHub and put the link to GitHub in the forum ?

The reply button is at the bottom of a 1000 post topic. Well done.

Everyone is wasting time talking to these admin, they aren’t going to change anything because they are the ones that decided on this shit software for the forums. If they backtracked (or switched, or made otherwise significant changes) they would have to explain that to their bosses. They ain’t doin that.

So expect them to explain away all your problems until you get tired or they get fired.

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Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Each comment has its iow REPLY should you wish to quote or answer any of the specific posts.
You can also use the wonky slider bar to quickly (most of the time) get to the bottom and add a different reply.

The discourse team has taken a LOT of notes and made quite a few changes based on user feedback. They will also be around a little while longer as the transition is still in a state of flux.

Have you tried the # key whilst reading a topic ?

Its SHIFT # here (win 10)

No, it’s < shift >3 :wink:

Plain old # for me here (win 10) gets me


what do you get with shift+# ? I get no response

UK keyboard vs US keyboard ?

A distinct possibility

Canadian keyboard :wink:

The key to jump to a post is plain #. Of course, depending on the keyboard # might not have its own key - on my keyboard I type Shift+3 because they share the same physical key. Check out many other keyboard shortcuts by typing ?.

That’s very intentional. Studies going back decades have evaluated how humans deal with lines of text. It’s generally agreed that there is an upper limit of how many characters per line one should use on a webpage. Surpass that it gets harder to read. Those interested may wish to check out this article which goes into more details.

I’m unable to repro that myself (Chrome, Windows 10). I see the file name when after I select it, and clicking cancel works - no upload is started.

There’s also a reply button below the timeline (slider bar) when the topic footer isn’t visible, so you don’t have to scroll down. Also, 2 tips. You can click the timestamp at the bottom of the timeline to jump to the last post, and the timestamp at the top to jump to the first post. You can also click the topic title (Do you like the new forum? for this topic) to jump to the first post.


[quote=“pert, post:973, topic:847695”]

My big problem is the wasted space and extra steps views.

Without knowing what font I use and the size of my screen, how can you tell how many words are on my text lines?

I agree…

this is how white it looks on my 32 inch screen, with the largest font setting in preferences

when I’m in full screen mode… I wish I could see more content (not distractions, icons etc) for sure.


Never use the words “waste” and “intentional” in the same sentence (or even the same paragraph).

Of course, decades ago, when there was no Arduino, C++, Python or CSS…

The point is how screen real estate gets used effectively. On a big monitor give me a column where I can see all the posts and another one where is see the content of a selected post for example…
there are studies as well and tons of examples on adaptative display for master/détails view (think of mail for example)

I am sitting this one out for a few more weeks at least.

I see no point in doing anything until then.
I don’t plan on answering questions or anything.
The format hurts my eyes.

Free message board software.
They got what they paid for.


HOW to stop watching/monitoring some thread ? do not get new notifications