Do you like the new forum?

That does not happen here

Details of your OS version and browser please

Doesn't happen here, Win10, Chrome.
But I see what you mean, your head has slipped down...

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

@UKHeliBob you are right! It only does that when I view a PM. It doesn't do that on a forum, it does it only on a PM? Strange? I am running Windows 10 Home 20H2, Chrome Version 90.0.4430.212. I hope that helps.

We are checking the missing images on that topic.

Send us the list of topics where images are still missing so we can take a look.

Here's a quick collection I dug up. I was familiar with these instances because they are a tutorial I wrote and copy/pasted quite a few times, so was dismayed to find it in bad shape after the migration. These images were attached to the first forum post I shared the tutorial in, then after that I just embedded that original attachment every time I posted it over again, rather than making the effort to attach the images over and over again:
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Can't that be an automated process (once you knwo what you're looking for)? Anyway
Corona virus - it's simple - #164 by sterretje is missing an image.

// Edit:
Please check that complete thread, #153 also is missing one.

I understand where the problem is with these missing images, I am reporting the issue to the engineer who did the migration

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Also needs fixing.

Hey, @UKHeliBob,

Yes, but then when I switch back to the 'Latest' page, there are loads of unread messages.

Also, the Unread page has the Dismiss... button at the bottom whereas the New page has it at the top, and the Latest page doesn't have a dismiss button at all. Even though there are probably valid technical reasons for this, for the user it all seems a bit of a mess.

I'd be happy if there were a Dismiss button at the top of every page, although calling it "Mark as read" seems more intuitive to me.

Correct. There always is a reason, there always is an explanation, and there always is a workaround.

Correct again.


... and sometimes, the reason is just that the programmers are too "superb" (intended as "my code is this, and this remain, i don't care at all about users needs", in micro$oft or apple style) or too inexperienced, or simply too lazy, for do it as it must be done, as far as i've seen in thousand of codes ... sorry for say that, but is simply the truth, and are maybe 40 years that i'm seeing this here and there and everywhere, i'm not just speaking about this forum ...

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and of course you think your opinion represents the majority of the hundred of millions / billions of Apple or Microsoft users....

I've seen that for 40+ years too...

Companies need to make decisions, they do research and at this end of the day this is their product. They won't please everyone. You are not obliged to buy the product if you don't like it. Consumers can vote with their wallet.

No they can't in these examples (because what else could OS users possibly choose ?), and neither for this forum.
The majority of users will accept what they get, including quirks, bugs and straight forward erroneous programming.
That majority will also assume those errors, bugs and faults will be noticed miraculously and corrected by someone else but themselves.
But this will be a bit of a problem if you also include people with some understanding of how to program software, "the majority" will become a bit smaller number of the total.

There were some inquiries to forum users' preferences for an alternative forum software to SMF, but that was after the decision was already pushed towards this one.
And a user had to go look for this inquiry in the right section of the forum, a section that was only visited for the majority of the forum users upon encountering problems (but never by anyone that could perhaps solve those problems, unless that person was contacted through other channels to ask if they could maybe please perhaps spare some of their precious time to actually do their job).
By the way, i'm wondering (but really don't care about the answer) if any of those got sacked now that the forum is outsourced.

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Ofcourse no ... my opinion represent my opinion and nothing other, same as your one.

About the opinions of these "hundred of millions / billions of Apple or Microsoft users" (constrained to use them against their will, in most of the cases, but you can freely ignore this part of the truth because we are in a free society, after all), i think you can easily found their own opinions on all the forums around the world, where they ferociously curse microsoft, apple and all the similar other bad coders companies (if you really care to search them :wink: )

This depends on the number of new and unread posts, if they are only on a page and there is no need to scroll, the button appears only at the top, if you need to scroll it appears both at the top and at the bottom





the top button is always visible, the bottom button appears only if you need to scroll the page to load other new or unread topics.


Thanks, @dax1.

Anyway, please can we have a Dismiss button on the Latest page? Or, as per my original request: "Mark thread/forum/site* as read" on every page?

*as appropriate

There is nothing to dismiss on Latest, that is just the list of topics ordered by the most recent activity and not only the list of your Unread topics (i.e. topics you are participating in). For this reason having a Dismiss New or a Dismiss Unread on Latest without seeing which topics you are actually dismissing would not be helpful.

If there are categories that you are not interested in reading at all, you can silence them from your profile.

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That's why I was originally asking for a "Mark all as read" button. That way, I can scroll through the 'Latest' list, clicking on those I'm interested in and ignoring those I'm not. Then, when I'm finished I can "Mark all as read", such that they all go grey. Then, when I return, I can see straight away which ones are new or have updates since I last looked, because they will have turned black.

Does that make sense?

don't like the new style 100%, because the frame edges between posts are not visible on my screen. the contrast is not big enough.
please edit the color to get better contrast.

You also have THEMES in your personal preferences that can be helpful